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Lighting makes all the difference.
Lighting makes all the difference.

We have a variety of lights available to you.  One set of lights outside the stage, footlights, and three light bars on stage.  A fully programmable ETC Element 60 500.  The theatre can help you find someone to run the board if needed.  There is a $75 fee for the theatre to provide the lighting tech.

Board Description

500 Channels
Two universes of output (1,024 addresses)
Command Prompts
Single Cue List
True LTP Channel Faders
300 Submasters
On Demand ML Controls
Net3 and ETCNet2 network native
Master Playback fader, Grand Master and Blackout
RDM Compatible

NOTE: On screen keyboards are provided within the software. Any USB keyboard may be used with Element if a physical keyboard is desired.

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