Arabian Nights appears at the 7th Street

The 7th Street Kids having been presenting musical performances at the 7th Street Theatre since 1992. This year’s production of Arabian Nights was especially wonderful, and significant for the Kids since it’s the first performance where the theatre’s new rigging was used by the Kids’ crew. Here are some pictures of the crowd lineup before and the first group of people exiting the theatre on Friday July 24, 2009.

Push Rods of Hoquiam & American Graffiti

Push Rods teamed up with the 7th Street’s showing of American Graffiti on June 20. We had 350 attend Saturday’s screening, and 35 Push Rods lined the street in front of the theatre. Johnny Ray performed from the bed of a ’49 Chev flatbed. Good times! You can see pictures on our Picasa album.

From the roof

And while we were up in the attic looking at the ceiling, we decided to head out on the roof. Here are a few shots taken on that nice day early in May.

The blower in the attic

Here’s a picture of the original blower that circulated the heat through the theatre in its early days. It was reported in the local newspaper that air completely circulated every three minutes.

Preservation training and analysis

Jeff Greene of EverGreene Architectural Arts spent the day with some of the 7th Street volunteers on Sunday. Jeff was hired by the theatre to perform a survey of the theatre’s historic finishes, provide input on preservaton and restoration of the historic murals discovered in November, and answer some questions about cleaning and restoration by volunteers. It was a wonderfully informative day. Jeff discovered that the front of the marquee (see picture) was created using a technique called scraffito, which is done by layering tinted plaster, and scraping away the top layer to expose the differently colored layer beneath. He found that one of the original colors was an intense blue. Unfortunately, we could not find a ladder truck to lift him up to the front wall niches to take samples.

Former projectionist photos

Here are some great photos we received from Ross Munro, who worked in the theatre in the early 1980s. The photos were taken in 1980, and he is in one of the pictures. He started out at the D&R, and then came to the 7th Street. One of these projectors is in the lobby — they are the original E7 carbon arc projectors. Ross was projectionist and also theatre manager during this time. Ross, married with three beautiful kids, lives in North Carolina and is a Master Chief (SEAL) and has been in the Navy for 26 years. Thank you Ross!

Bike winner!

Here’s 11-year-old Angelique, who won the bike Saturday night at our raffle. This awesome bike was refurbished by Stafford Creek Correctional Industries, who donated this along with two hand-made birdhouses and a crocheted afghan for our raffle. Congratulations Angelique!

Cool Hand Luke movie night

Things have been pretty crazy here at the 7th Street Theatre, and I decided we needed to have something new on our blog. This is a shot I took last night while Cool Hand Luke was playing. It’s a nice thing to see this activity taking place again around downtown Hoquiam. There have been events every week since we reopened on January 25th after being closed for four months for renovations.