Certificate from State DAHP

Michael Houser, Architectural Historian with the State Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation spoke at our reopening celebration last Saturday and presented the Theatre Association with this award. We are proud!

Day after Starlight Celebration

Check out the article on today’s Daily World about last night’s wonderful reopening, the Starlight Celebration. We had about 600 people show up to celebrate! Thanks to everyone for your generous donations and support. And thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this night a memorable success.

Working his muscles

This is Nick from EverGreene who has been working on the ceiling for several weeks. He says he doesn’t need to go to the gym.

Cinema in progress

Cinema is getting closer! There are some other colors that need to be applied, but it’s looking wonderful!

Evergreene starting on the detail work

(Top photo)
Amanda from EverGreene is working on the detail near the pipe chambers in the auditorium

(Bottom photo)
Nick is painstakingly prepping the columns near the J Street exit.

Sidewalks nearing completion

The forms for the curb are in, and it looks like Granite Construction plans to pour the new sidewalks next week! Hooray!