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The Sign is Up!

Here are a few photos of the new candlestick sign, which was mounted on Wednesday, October 10th.  It was very exciting, and we had many people standing around taking photos and watching the progress.  Ramsay Sign Co. did a super job of installation and replicating the original sign, and we are very proud to be able to light up our corner of downtown Hoquiam.  The electrical is scheduled to be hooked up on Friday, and an official lighting ceremony will be held on Tuesday, October 16th at 7:00 pm.  Our plan is to have the neon turned on all evenings from dusk until late night.

It’s here!

The new neon candlestick blade sign at the 7th Street Theatre in Hoquiam, WA. Installed by Ramsay Sign Co. of Portland, OR.

Movie Committee Picks 2013 Lineup


From left, back row, John Miller, Katrina Zozaya, Paul McMillan, Charisse Anderson (hidden), Christie Goodenough, Bob Martin, Shawn Brand, David Akers, Betsy Seidel and Mickey Thurman.
Front – Jeff Cook, Ray Kahler, Ginger Akers and Jamie Brand.

Here’s our movie committee, the ones who select our regular movie series.  We meet in October each year and come up with the movies for the next year.  Our  Silver Screen Classics series is chosen by David Akers, who, along with his wife Ginger (both board members), manage that series.  We haven’t made the full list known yet, but you can see some of the choices on the tablet in the background.  How do we choose?   We research and watch movies all year, and we get ideas from others, from our Facebook fans, and many members of the committee are great movie buffs – so they just know.  It’s hard to pick movies that will appeal to the most people, but we do a pretty good job of it.  We’ll post next year’s lineup soon, after licensing is confirmed.

More Candlestick Sign Progress


The Big Lebowski

Here’s a shot of some of the contestants for the character contest at The Big Lebowski last night.  We had 250 people show up and a big turnout for the character dressup contest.  What a fun night!

Jackie Coogan

Grays Harbor Washingtonian, October 3, 1940

Here’s an article discovered by the librarian at the Hoquiam Timberland Regional Library, Mary Thornton, who is also the Secretary of our board.  Jackie Coogan (1914-1984) was an actor, known to many for his role as Uncle Fester in the Addams Family television series which ran from 1964 to 1966.