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Bullitt (1968)

Rated M/PG

Sat, Mar 7 @ 7:30 & Sun, Mar 8 @ 2:00

Tickets are $6 for all ages.
Tickets are available at City Drug, Crown Drug, Harbor Drug, online, and at the door 30 minutes prior to the show.

When some rare Chicago blood starts spilling in San Francisco, they hand BULLITT the mop.

Senator Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn) is set to present star witness Johnny Ross at a Senate subcommittee hearing on organized crime. SFPD detective Lieutenant Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen, aka: The King of Cool) and his team provide Ross with protective custody over the weekend.

Before the night is over, however, two hit men break into the witness’s room, killing him and wounding a police officer.

Bullitt enlists the help of his girlfriend Cathy (Jacqueline Bisset). Seeing what he deals with every day for the first time, Cathy wonders if Bullitt is the man she really wants.

Meanwhile, Chalmers has no interest in the injured policeman or the killers, only in the hearings that will catapult him into the public eye. He wants to shut down Bullitt’s investigation. But Bullitt won’t budge.

Determined to find the mobster kingpin responsible, Bullitt opens his own investigation. He ticks off almost everyone in the process while working to unravel a maze of double-crosses and corruption.

Starring Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, and Jacqueline Bisset.

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