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The Greatest Shows!

June 8 & 9 @ 2pm

Admissions are free with a donation for the food bank.

Grays Harbor Dance Proudly presents our Spring Recital 2019. We invite you to come enjoy this epic collection of blockbuster Movie and Broadway hits throughout the century!

You are sure to be entertained by these talented performers as they take you on thrilling adventures with the ‘Raiders of the Lost World’, and icey cold mountains full of ‘Yetis’. Through the fantasy world of the Na’Vi, a charming village on the ‘Isle of Berk’ and enter into enchanted dreams with a ‘Fairy Godmother’. Then onto a blast from the past with some ‘Ghost Busting’, some ‘Hard knocked’ orphans and some disco fun with the ‘Dancing Queen’. There’s a favorite movie for the whole family, even a blockhead like ‘Charlie Brown”.

“The Noblest art is that of making others happy!”
P.T. Barnum