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Music Teachers Showcase

Nov 21 @ 7:30

Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students

Tickets are available at Harbor Drug and at the door a half hour prior to the show.

The concert will feature both solo and ensemble performances, including piano, strings, guitar, woodwinds, and voice.

Merry Jo Zimmer (piano), Karen Meikle (violin), and Jenny Leighton (cello) will perform two movements from Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano by Cecile Chaminade. Meikle, Leighton, and Zimmer will also perform with Maggie Curley (flute) in a string trio by Quantz.

Violinist Debra Akerlund, accompanied by Merry Jo Zimmer, will perform Mozart’s Sonata in A Major for violin and piano, and Connie Bevington and Dee Broussard will perform a flute duet, accompanied by Merry Jo Zimmer.

Mezzo-soprano Joy Dorsch, a voice teacher, will perform a duet with Kari Hasbrouck, a duet with her husband, tenor Ian Dorsch, and a voice/violin duet with Karen Meikle. Voice and piano teacher Kari Hasbrouck will also perform a solo, and voice and piano teacher Christine Hill will perform a vocal solo and a duet with Aberdeen High School choir teacher JR Lakey, accompanied by Aaron Nickell (guitar). Piano teachers Ellen Pickell, Nikkol Daniels, and Erica Hollen will perform piano solos.