7th Street Theatre > 2009

Curtains, the beginning of the end

The rigging project is almost done! Just yesterday the “grand valance” and drapes were hung. This photo was taken before the drapes were installed, but I just needed to share this picture. We chose a drape design as close to the originals as possible. Having only black and white photos put a damper on the color scheme, but we are extremely pleased with the dark blue fabric. If you’d like to see what the original drapes looked like, check out the Jones Photo Historical Collection site and search for photo number 23140. Bet you can’t wait to see these in real life.

Boxes and boxes

This is the second (and last) pile of boxes — we’ve already recycled one batch. Terri is unloading one of the last boxes of cushions. We’re 90% done with this project thanks to the help of numerous volunteers.

Very old ticket stubs found

These ticket stubs were found during seat installation. We found some during the seat removal, which makes sense, but it’s a mystery how these came to be found. After the seats were removed the entire seating area was cleaned, mopped, vacuumed and scrubbed, and then these just appeared last weekend. Through a little research on the Jones Photo Collection website we found that in 1947 Adult admission was 59 cents, Loge Seating – 70, students – 40 and children – 15. These must be from sometime between the time the theatre opened (1928) and the early 30’s.

Seat installation begins

The seat installation is going amazingly well, considering there were about 450 seats delivered on Wednesday and about 40 boxes unloaded this weekend. About 10 people showed up over the weekend to help out. Work parties are scheduled at 9am from Wednesday January 7th through Sunday January 10th (or until they’re done). Stop by and check out the progress, maybe help for an hour or two. There’s something for everyone. Questions? Contact Lane Youmans.
A huge thank you to all who have pitched in!

The first shipment of seats has arrived!

The first shipment of seats were delivered by Washington Correctional Industries on December 31st. For those newbies — these are the original seats, restored. I’m beyond excited to see these installed and offering patrons a comfortable place to sit. Wow. The big question is: “who is the mystery person in the yellow coat?” Interested in helping? Contact Lane Youmans — we’re starting installation the weekend of January 3rd.