7th Street Theatre > 2008 > November

Rigging project progress

Rognlin’s is ahead of schedule on their portion of the rigging project. This project includes new catwalks, ladders and other structures which will make it easier and much safer for the stage people to handle the drops, lights, curtains etc. These photos were taken today. Electrical work will be starting soon, and Stagecraft will be moving in in early December to start work on their portion (rigging, line sets, drops etc.)
The top photo is a new platform that takes place of the old pinrail system (part of which is left on display backstage).
The bottom photo is looking almost straight up to the highest catwalk, showing the new access ladder on the left.

Historic murals discovered!

What started out as a cleaning party ended up a truly historic moment for those of us at the theatre today. Those disgusting sound baffles on the back walls — you’ve seen them, right? Well they are there no longer. Board member Lane Youmans got a little bold (and tired of looking at them), and decided to just rip ’em down. We thought there might be some painting back behind these, and sure enough — some absolutely amazing original murals depicting the Spanish village facades that adorn the rest of the theatre. The “snow” you see in the first picture (taken moments after removing the material) is actually millions and millions of particles of historic dust.
Want to see more pictures? Check out more photoshere (includes a short video of the removal)