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The work has begun!

After over three years of raising over $700,000 for our stage-rigging replacement project the work has finally begun. This huge project includes, in addition to the rigging replacement, new catwalks, fly floors, ladders, etc. AND A NEW CURTAIN — modeled after the original!

This past week Rognlin’s, Inc. covered the stage floor and moved in this huge snorkel lift. The proscenium opening is covered with with sheets of plastic, and the stage entrance door has more plastic and construction tapes running over the door. I couldn’t help myself, so I went in with my camera and made my way through the plastic and found this amazing creature on the stage. I was in awe. I have no idea how they got this on the stage, and it’s probably best that I don’t know.

Many volunteers showed up a few weeks ago to remove everything we could off of the stage (the movie speakers were especially difficult). The biggest obstacle has been: What do we do with the movie screen? The plan is that we will move it up against the back wall, with help from Rognlin’s, and cover it with fire-resistant tarps. There will be welding going on and we needed to protect the screen from flying welding embers.

My next project: take pictures of the movie screen covered in tarps, and hopefully be there to take shots when it’s being done.