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DeLoreans celebrate Back to the Future

Hoquiam was buzzing on Saturday August 23rd as members of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club drove into town in their DeLoreans (and one Lotus!) from King County, Yakima and the Portland area to help us celebrate the showing of the 1985 classic Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The Seattle contingent arrived about 3 pm stopping traffic on Simpson Avenue. 
The skies were blue, temperatures high, and the DeLoreans were a sight to behold in front of the 7th Street Theatre, where we were able to block off half a block to accommodate all of them. About 12 cars showed up, and with their gull-wing doors open, brought in people from all over town to check them out. Hoquiam’s annual On Track Art Festival was also in progress, and the town was alive. You can see pictures inour photo album. The theatre had a huge attendance Saturday night and the DeLorean club enjoyed it so much they want to do it again next year. What do you think?

Check out more pictures of this event located at CarDomain.

Volunteer Thank-you Party

On Monday August 11, 2008 we hosted a thank you dinner for our volunteers at the 7th Street Deli & Sweet Shoppe. We also had group photo shot, taken by Sativa Miller. One of the group photos will appear on the cover of our next newsletter, which will be coming out soon. We want to thank all of our absolutely wonderful volunteers who, with their enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work keep our community’s historic 7th Street Theatre alive for present and future generations. We all had a great time! If you’d like to see some more photos, here’s our album.