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The new marquee

On July 11, 2008, Phoenix Sign Co. arrived at the theatre to install the new marquee, which is a replicate of the original. The original tracking system was used allowing the use of the original marquee letters. Here is a nighttime picture of the marquee, which lights up downtown Hoquiam. You can also view the album of the complete marquee and entryway project here. Happy 80th Birthday 7th Street Theatre!

Big Reel, April 1988

Being a sucker for any memorabilia related to the 7th Street Theatre, I made a purchase on eBay of an issue of the Big Reel, Issue No. 167 dated April 15, 1988. The seller stated that there was a one-page article about a Hoquiam theater, and when I emailed him to ask which theater, he replied with “the 7th Street.” I HAD to have this. Here is a copy of the article, republished from the July 19, 1987 issue of The Olympian.