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The marquee project

If you’ve been by the 7th Street Theatre recently, you may notice something different. What happened to the marquee? Those of us who have spent hours on the historic Jones Photo Collection website have learned that the theatre did not orginally have a marquee. When the theatre was built in 1928 the ends of the portico (entryway awning) posted upcoming events. This is where the red “7th St” signs are now. There was a flat awning that ran around the entire theatre, above the large windows in the shops. It must have been difficult, when walking near the front of the building, to see the event postings. In 1929, the original candlestick sign, which was located on the corner of the building above the Sweet Shoppe, was replaced with a lighted section added which was used to announce upcoming events. We believe that the marquee was added around 1942.

The theatre received a generous donation from Dick andPat Warren of Hoquiam to restore the marquee, which has been deteriorating in recent years. The neon lights did not work, the lighting on the inside of the unit were very dim, and it was consumed by rust. Phoenix Sign Co. of Aberdeen removed the sign today and it is scheduled to be back up in mid-July. If you get a chance, be sure to stop by and check it out! The original paint is visible, and we found that the sign covered up some of the beautiful woodwork.