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So what is going on with the organ?

Early this year one of our volunteers, Betsy Seidel, tracked the theatre’s original organ to its owner, who had it at his home in Clute, Texas. Tom Quigg and Pat Oleachea (A BIG THANK YOU to Tom and Pat!!) stepped in and arranged for everything from the purchase, flight to Clute, and the 2700-mile trip back. Quigg’s Raiders –Tom Quigg, board member Lane Youmans, Mark Izatt, Marv Hammell and Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society member Dave Luttinen — headed to Clute in March 2008. In a few days’ time they loaded the organ up (with help from the Clute Volunteer Firefighters) into a UHaul, and Mark and Marv made the return trip, arriving in Hoquiam on March 20th. Check out the article in the Daily World. So that’s the short version. Pictured L-R are Lane, Tom, Mark and Marv. Thanks guys!!!

Now back to the question: What’s going on with the organ now? There are lots of pipes and other parts that need to be installed. The pipes need to be put back into the lofts. Another volunteer, Bob Martin (who happens to be married to organ-finder Betsy) has stepped forward and informed the Board that he is willing to start looking into what needs to be done. There are small parts that need to be cleaned and felt pads which need to be replaced. There will most likely be some fund raising in the future. This will all take time, but we look forward to seeing the theatre’s original organ back in operation as soon as it can be done.