Ceiling update

It won’t be long before restoration of the historic atmospheric ceiling will be started. We had 28 prospective contractors come to the walk-through today and bids will be opened next week. Soon after that — the project will begin and we plan on it being completed before the end of January 2010. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates in the next few weeks.

HHS Class of 1969 Tour

Front row left to right: Andy Holt, Steve Huhta, John Pellegrini, Brian Thomas

Back row left to right: Donna Spencer Shephard, Colleen Louderback Sproul, Kim Brook Gerhardt, Sidney Heath Dudley, Rebecca Morris Luebber (Miss Grays Harbor 1969), Claire VanderLinden Lackie, Majel Furu Boudia, Jane Knudson Howard, Bobbi Brumfield Bradstreet, Delpha Schadewitz Powell, Cynthia Dobson Thomas, Cathy Lacefield, Bonnie Meeder

Lane and I were honored to give a tour to alumni from Hoquiam High School Class of 1969, who were in town for their 40th Class Reunion. Most of these people had performed in two HHS plays at the 7th Street Theatre the year they graduated — Carousel and Oklahoma. Many of them had not been in the theatre since graduation — the new exit stairs from the dressing rooms were not built then, the handicapped restroom had not been done, and the theatre was still owned by the Dolan family. What an enjoyable group! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Becky Morris performs for class tour

Here is Rebecca (Becky) Morris Luebber, Miss Grays Harbor 1969 performing for us after the HHS Class of 1969 tour. She sang People, and was absolutely wonderful!

7th Street Kids Arabian Nights

The stage sets were beautiful for this year’s 7th Street Kids musical production, Arabian Nights, which opened on July 24th and ran through July 26th, 2009. Over 50 children were in this year’s play, and numerous adult volunteers helped with every aspect of production. Would you like to view more photos of this year’s show? Keith Krueger has photos available for viewing and ordering here.

(Photo courtesy Keith Krueger)

Arabian Nights appears at the 7th Street

The 7th Street Kids having been presenting musical performances at the 7th Street Theatre since 1992. This year’s production of Arabian Nights was especially wonderful, and significant for the Kids since it’s the first performance where the theatre’s new rigging was used by the Kids’ crew. Here are some pictures of the crowd lineup before and the first group of people exiting the theatre on Friday July 24, 2009.

Push Rods of Hoquiam & American Graffiti

Push Rods teamed up with the 7th Street’s showing of American Graffiti on June 20. We had 350 attend Saturday’s screening, and 35 Push Rods lined the street in front of the theatre. Johnny Ray performed from the bed of a ’49 Chev flatbed. Good times! You can see pictures on our Picasa album.

From the roof

And while we were up in the attic looking at the ceiling, we decided to head out on the roof. Here are a few shots taken on that nice day early in May.