Evergreene starting on the detail work

(Top photo)
Amanda from EverGreene is working on the detail near the pipe chambers in the auditorium

(Bottom photo)
Nick is painstakingly prepping the columns near the J Street exit.

Sidewalks nearing completion

The forms for the curb are in, and it looks like Granite Construction plans to pour the new sidewalks next week! Hooray!

Ceiling damage, up close

Here are some shots of the ceiling damage. The top photo shows the ropes that used to hold the plywood. These areas are being prepped by EverGreene for repair. You can see the devices around the large hole that are used to secure the plaster.

Board members visit the dance floor

We’ve learned lots of new terms during this project. The top floor of the scaffolding is called the dance floor. A few of us visited it today. There are steps leading up there, so it’s not too bad. Although it’s a little scary when you hear squeaks and groans while walking on it. The floor is about 7 feet from the ceiling. In the top picture, Sandie is touching King Ray,the guy at the top of the proscenium arch above the stage. In the bottom photo, you can see the dance floor, and way in the back is the top of the projection booth.

Panoramic view of the scaffolding

Here’s a view of the auditorium scaffolding taken on Sunday, November 15th. This week Berg Scaffolding is constructing the top platform, and they should be done before the end of the week. Once that is done, EverGreene will be able to start work on the ceiling!

Scaffolding, Day 3 and Board meets at the theatre

Board members met at the theatre tonight to see the wall paint samples and the paint on the ceiling. We approved the project budget to include restoration and painting of all ornamental plaster in the auditorium and replacing the trees and shrubbery!

Fan photo!

This photo was taken by our friend Jean Glasgow when when she attended the Push Rods/American Graffiti event in June. Thanks Jean for sending us the great picture!

Our marquee was restored in June of 2008 and we love it!